Friday, September 10, 2010

A Little About Our History

Dustin and I met during Winter 2007, at a Bowling Ally in Waterford, Michigan, while I was Ten Pin Bowling with Au Pair Friends, about 5 months after I arrived in Michigan. We hit it off, were friends on MySpace and we started dating. We were together for quite a while until I had to leave because my visa had expired. We broke our relationship off, and while I was back in South Africa kept in contact. We decided to try a long distant relationship in June 2009 and planned for me to visit there in June 2010 so we could see how things would be when we were together again and for me to have the chance to visit the Bickersteths (my wonderful American family I Au Paired for) and to meet some of his family which I didn't get the chance to do while Au Pairing, unfortunately my visitors visa was denied and so we had to quickly change my ticket for him to come here in August 2010.

I think our relationship is a somewhat special one - if we were able to start it up again without having seen each other (only spoken through Facebook and email) and kept it going for this length of time, it just shows how strong love can be - and our love for each other is STRONG!! :)

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