I had a list for myself since last year on what I wanted to do within a year, but the other day I saw a blog where she had called hers "101/2001" which I thought was such a GREAT idea!! So I increased my list and decided to publish it onto my blog. This blog I found this on that inspired me to do this, happens to be the same girl that designed my new blog layout! Check her out here.

The information below is a direct quote from her on her blog...

bold : in progress        crossed out : completed
start : 1 September, 2011         end : 28 May, 2016

The Mission: Complete 101 preset goals in a period of 2001 days.

The Criteria: Goals must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part).

Why 1001 days? Many people have created lists in the past - frequently simple challenges such as New Year's resolutions or a 'Bucket List'. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 2001 days is a better period than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the goals, which is better for organizing and timing some goals such as overseas trips, study semester, or outdoor activities.

Completed: 27
In Progress:5

001. Apply for Teaching Degree
002. Sort out "passage way" closet
003. Complete bedroom decor
004. Read 50 Shades Trilogy (3/3)
005. Get CPR Certification
006. Lose 40 lbs (14.6/40)
007. Donate blood at least 5 times (2/5)
008. Pay for a homeless persons meal
009. Give a coupon to help a person out
010. Sponsor a child in Africa (nov 2011)
011. Put $5 away for each goal I have completed (0/101)
012. Bake a Steak 'n Kidney pie from scratch
013. Complete my Peacock Tapestry I have had for +- 5 years
014. Host a Thanksgiving Party
015. Host an ugliest gift / ugliest sweater Christmas Party
016. Visit family / friends in North Carolina
017. Meet all my Visajourney friends (0/14)
018. Go camping - real camping with a tent etc. lol
019. Go on a Cruise
020. Set up an Emergency fund
021. Take a Cake Pop class
022. Go to a Red Lobster and eat Crab Legs :)
023. Send a secret to Postsecret
024. Go to a Michigan Football Game again
025. Go to a Michigan Basketball Game again
026. Go to a Michigan Baseball Game again
027. Go to a Michigan Ice Hockey Game
028. Get at least a 3.0 GPA in my First Semester back in School
029. Go to the Zoo again
030. See a Ballet
031. Send a friend flowers, just because :)
032. Go to Disney World again and see the things I didn't get to see before
033. Go to Cedar Point again
034. Learn to Ski / Snowboard
035. Register for Postcrossing
036. Receive post cards from around the world through Postcrossing (23)
037. Send post cards through Postcrossing (27)
038. Pay off Credit Card (02/08/2013)
039. Dress up for Halloween
040. Get a T.A.N!!!! Lol
041. Visit friends / family in S.A (post)
042. Try a Michigan Pastie
043. Get a Tweet / Retweet from someone famous - STILL WAITING!! Haha
044. Sort out Coat Closet (post)
045. Make a meal Mom would make (Roast Chicken Dinner - 2011)
046. Inspire someone to start their own 101/1001 like I was
047. Watch the IMUS show with D-man :D
048. Take Chewy and Max to training
049. Make a Milk Tart from scratch
050. Get a Blog Makeover
051. Bake some Cinnamon Rolls (Sept 2011 post)
052. Go to Hawaii
053. Go to the Bahamas again
054. Make a Pumpkin Pie
055. Make a yummy Beef Curry
056. Go to a Cider Mill (post)
057. Do 'Couch to 5K'
058. Plant a mini Vegetable Garden
059. Go Geocatching - find at least 4 (0/4)
060. Try Wasabi Ice-Cream
061. Send a package to 5 people
062. Get a new car (this might need to be extended, haha)
063. Get a Thai Massage
064. Get an Indian Head Massage
065.Start watching "Pretty Little Liars" series :)
066. Get a ride in a Police Car - just for fun FYI, lol
067. Stop drinking POP
068. Visit Texas
069. Bake a fruit pie from scratch
070. Go Up North again (post)
071. Visit the newly built 9/11 Memorial (would be my second time in NY :D)
072. Learn to write some basic Chinese
073. Learn to speak Spanish (basic words)
074. Learn to speak German (basic words)
075. Meet someone famous
076. Go in a hot air balloon ride
077. Get a new couch set (thank you Kimberly and Peter Oct 2013)
078. Get 300 followers on Pinterest (Aug 2012 post)
079. Get 500 followers on Pinterest
080. Do a 5K
081. Go to at least 2 live concerts (0/2)
082. Go see a Broadway Show
083. Send a message in a bottle
084. Name a star after someone
085. Hold a Koala Bear
086. Leave HUGE tip for someone (Dec 2011)
087. Swim in bio-luminescent algae (have a look here if you've never heard / seen this before it's beautiful)
088. Buy at least 50 DVD's :)) (13/50)
089. Try fried Twinkies
090. Fly in first class at least ONCE
091. Shoot a gun at a gun range
092. See the Northern Lights
093. Eat at 4 new restaurants (3/4)
094. Feed a tiger cub
095. Drink a whole cup of Green Tea (haha)
096. Stay off Facebook for 2 days (November 9th & 10th, 2012)
097. Make a loaf of bread from scratch without my Bread Maker
098. Eat a star fruit
099. Make my own Sushi again
100. Ride on a train again
101. Go to 'Build-a-bear', and give the "bear" to the first child I see

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