Friday, January 24, 2014

Quick Catch Up Of The Remainder Of 2013....

Man oh man have I been extremely bad with my blogging!! I’ve got a sudden urge to start keeping up with my blogging, SO I am going to try this again :) I decided to do a mini 2013 catch up post since the last time I blogged and start off fresh this year!!

In June, we did a mini trip to Kentucky. Dustin found a Crown Victoria he wanted to get for his work, so he won the bid and made plans to drive down and get it. Fathers Day ended up being the same weekend we went, so the pups “gave” him a little treat. LOL

In August, we moved into a new apartment. We have SO much more space, and it’s like a mini condo!! It’s also in the perfect spot for me, I really am loving it a lot, and instantly felt at home when we were all moved in. It was pretty tiring, because we did the move ourselves, so had a few car loads full going back and forth. It was also a sudden move, so it seemed to all happen in like a day - literally, LOL....

We’ve since made some awesome new friends. They lived on the first floor directly under our apartment, so we “knew” them and spoke to them now and then when we passed each other. Boy am I glad that we have now become really close friends with them!! Rachelle and Paul - you two are AWESOME!!!! :) Ashley - you guys are awesome too - I promise!! :D I love your babies, they are the cutest. Miley stole my heart as soon as I met her the day I babysat her, she’s SUCH a good baby!

In July, I booked tickets for our much awaited trip back home to South Africa!! I was so SO excited and happy that it could finally happen, I knew though, that the trip would not be long enough, but I was grateful for the fact that we could finally go after 2.5 years since I left.

In September, Dustin went to Florida and I joined him for a long weekend. It was really great to get away from MI for a while, but I was SO sad to leave Max behind!! Nicole had both Max and Chewy for the weekend, so they were in good hands! Thank you Nicole :)

In November, we left for our trip to SA. We stayed in Cape Town for the first 5 days, stayed at a great place called The Surf Shack and had an amazing view of Table Mountain. We got to have lunch with Denise and have an AMAZING South African food, she seriously did good with her lunch spot :) The weather wasn’t all that great while we were there, but we managed to get to Spur for dinner a few days (LOL) and got to go to Robben Island on the last day we were there, it ended up being probably one of the best days weather wise while we were in CT.

We then stayed in Johannesburg for a night, and I got to see two good friends again, after many years of not seeing Jen, it was great to see her and meet her husband to be! Was great to see Elaine and BJ again too. We got to meet Darren Scott from Ballz Radio, and were on the radio too, I’m a shy person so said I didn’t want to talk, but they made me do it (even though I spoke too low for anyone to even hear me properly!! hahaha)

We then finally went on our way to Pietermaritzburg to spend the rest of our stay with my Mom and sisters. It was so amazing seeing them again! Mom had booked a long weekend in the Burg, so the first weekend with them we went to the Burg and stayed in a really cute place. Although the weather wasn’t too good, we still had a great relaxing time, it really was so beautiful there!! Thanks Mom - I love you!!!!!!


Mom unfortunately had work, Melissa had school and Hayley had work too, but we got to see them in the afternoons, which was great. Next time I’ll be sure to find cheap tickets for holiday time for them :) Mom organised a braai the last weekend we were there, so we got to see a lot of friends and family, I finally got to see a grown up Sienna (Craig and Rosanna, she is beautiful, it’s so nice to see how proud you both are of your babies), and got to meet baby Mason and hold him for a little bit (he really is just too gorgeous!!).

*PIC TO COME* (problem with my phone SD card :( )

It was a really awesome time, filled myself up with lots of South African yummies - lots of biltong SNAPSTIX :D We also had a family photo shoot done. We got them done by Desiree of Black Sheep Photography - she was really great, and we ended up with quite a lot of awesome pics!!

*PIC TO COME* (problem with my phone SD card :( )

In December, we got back from our trip home on the 3rd.... I was sad, unpacked all our bags and slowly got back into being in Michigan again. After I unpacked everything, I was seriously SHOCKED at the amount of South African yummies we brought back with us, I couldn’t believe I was able to fit ALL of that in our three bags along with our things we took with us!! Hahaha

*PIC TO COME* (problem with my phone SD card :( )

My Mom had a biltong maker at home for us, so I unpacked it from the box and was able to stick it into our bags, and it thankfully got back here unharmed. I have since made about 5 batches of biltong - my first batch was the best, the other batches have been either too salty, or not salty enough!! LOL, oh well, I’ll get it soon enough....

We were also invited to a South African Christmas get together, by a friend I found on a “South Africans in Michigan” Facebook page. We seemed to hit off a friendship almost instantly over Facebook, but we never could find a good time to meet and get together until December 23rd, at her Christmas party. I was SO thankful for the invite, and for the people I ended up meeting. So many South Africans, it just made my heart SO happy to be in a place that was just like home again!! South Africans really are amazing people :D Thanks Sam for the invite, and I look forward to seeing you again, more often, and a long friendship with you! I have a pic with some of the people I was lucky enough to meet :)

Christmas came and went. I got an awesome new set of Pots and Pans from Dustin and the pups. I couldn’t wait to use them, and have now decided I want to change the colour scheme of my kitchen to RED and Sterling Silver!! Woohoo, haha

*PIC TO COME* (problem with my phone SD card :( )

The first weekend after Christmas, I decided I wanted to get a tattoo of paw prints on my wrist. I have wanted one since I got Max in 2011, anyways I was umming and aaaahing the one day, then Rachelle and Paul came over again for dinner with Ashley and her babies, and I decided I would LOVE to get one, so Rachelle and I went and got one, because she ended up wanting to get one too - she got SUCH a cute tattoo too, we both loved how ours turned out. We then went to CVS to get the stuff to put on the tattoo to care for it, and Rachelle spotted an AWESOME wine cabinet, which with the discount ended up being like $12 or something, we both stared at it, wanting one so bad, but both left without one. I then went to drop her off and do some shopping at Meijer, and she said she had been to get one and that there were still 3 left, I then decided to run and get one, I just couldn’t let that awesome deal get away, its a solid wood item too, LOL. So it was a big win win day.


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