Saturday, February 9, 2013

I Am So Grateful....

I have ALWAYS been SO grateful for the way my Mom brought myself and two sisters up!! Being a single Mom, she has done an outstanding job of teaching us how to be thankful, fend for ourselves and helped all three of us turn into who we all are today!!

The most grateful thing I always think about, is how she didn't buy us things, she taught us how to WORK for something we wanted. Everything I have, I have purchased on my own, after working for the money to get it. I bought my own first Cell Phone, I bought my own Laptop, I moved out and paid my OWN rent!! There are a lot more examples, but those are a few of the big ones I'm going to mention. All of those have enabled me to be independent and do things on my own.

Maybe you are thinking, why did she blog about this? Well a lot of things have made me want to blog about this, but never did. Eventually I decided to blog about it tonight, because I see SO many young kids these days (especially after moving to America), that are so ungrateful, and say hurtful things to their parents that GIVE them everything!! So many kids don't work for what they have. Note, I did not say ALL so please do not read this the wrong way. But there are a good amount of kids out there today that demand all the latest things, and when they have it they always find something else they don't have and need NOW, and say their parents suck because they don't have this and that. It saddens me to see those comments from kids....

So thanks to my Mom for being the BEST teacher I have ever had and always will have in my life!! Love you Mom :)

Picture taken in 2010 :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Winner of The Second Giveaway for Budget Savvy Diva''s book....

Hi all....

Again thank you ALL for participating in this exciting giveaway!!


Below is the winner (click the link below).... The winner has 48 hours to message me to claim their prize!! Please contact me via my Facebook page : South African Girl in America :)

Congrats again to the winner :)

How Did Your Sunday Go?....

Firstly, can you believe it is already FEBRUARY!?!? I seriously can't believe it!!

How did your Sunday go?

Mine ended up rushing myself to the Emergency section of the Hospital here!! My all time WORST fear since arriving here in May 2010 came true - having something bad happen and not knowing what to do or where to go, and worst of all, doing it by myself!! The medical system here makes me nervous and it intimidates me for some reason, LOL....

Want to hear the story? It's funny NOW, it wasn't at the time!!

I decided to make myself some guacamole for some guacamole and chips (no, not for the Super Bowl game!! LOL) to enjoy, only because I love guacamole and the mix I found in the store the other day.... I had already put one Avo out into the bowl, I was now on my second Avo, done one side and was trying to take the pip out of the other (I had done this for YEARS with Avos), this one was a bit tough to take out, and the knife slipped, went through the flesh of the Avo through the back and sliced the inside of my left index finger. I'm going to spare all the next gory details. But basically I ended up having to rush myself to the emergency room (luckily it wasn't too far). *Just have to put, thank you to my friends / neighbours for the thoughts, even though you couldn't help - everyone gets busy and it is understood* :) you guys are still special to me!! :D

2.5 hours later after rushing there, giving information and waiting to be attended to, then getting my finger cleaned and 3 stitches in, I was getting my pain meds and off home, with a very numb finger. I must say, the numbing injection, has got to be the WORST pain / feeling I have EVER felt. It stings, it's uncomfortable and literally swelled up my finger :( - not the best feeling in the world. BUT it was the best feeling in the world once it was done and my finger was numb and there was no longer any pain.

All my life, I heard / saw so many people I knew break bones, fall and need stitches, but never me. UNTILLLL today!! Haha.... Well I now have had my experience with stitches and I will say, I never want to go through that again!! NEVER!! Not a great start to February, but lets hope this isn't a start to a bad medical history for me!! Lol

Other than that it has been an okay day. I also received an amazingly delicious pasta dish from an awesome neighbour, which made it so much easier for me....

Sort of better :) 
(I'll spare the other pics for you :P)