So I came across this awesome site, it is called Postcrossing, where you join in and make yourself a profile (its FREE!), you then request addresses to send a postcard to someone anywhere in the world. Now you can't choose WHERE to send and WHO to send the postcard too, it is randomly picked by the site, you get an address and name write out the postcard and send it on it's way. You can start off by sending 5 postcards. When the person receives it, they go onto their profile and register the postcard you sent, it will then register on your side as sent. Once a postcard has been registered their side, you can then send another postcard out :)

ALSO only once the first postcard you sent has been registered can YOU start to receive your first lot of postcards

Some people have been doing Postcrossing for 7 years! Go ahead and try it out. It's really fun and interesting :) Get a renewed love and excitement for receiving MAIL - NOT E-mail, Texts or Phone Calls.... I'm going to post the postcards I send and receive on here...


Distance Sent : 145,083 km (90,150 miles)           

01. Petra in Germany
02. Sonja in Netherlands
03. Camelia in Taiwan
04. Kate in Russia
05. Cinthia in Brazil
06. Dan in NY, USA
07. Bernadeta in Poland (Expired - Hasn't gotten there yet :( 173 days and counting....)
08. Alyona in Belarus 
09. Angela in Australia
10. The Taylor Family in Mountain City, Tennessee
11. Sergey in Russia
12. Guus in Netherlands
13. Nellies in NY, USA
14. Name unknown in Taiwan
15. Jane in Taiwan
16. Roel & Jennie in Netherlands
17. Natallia in Republic of Belarus
18. Beatrice in Portland, Maine
19. Elena in Russian Federation
20. Maria in Germany
21. Traczie in USA
22. Sia-Wei Tseng (Jessica) in Taiwan
23. Reinhold in Germany
24. Karina in Russia
25. Agne in Lithuania
26. Monique in Netherlands
27. Name Unknown in Singapore


Distance Received : 217,067 km (134, 879 miles)

01. Sachiko in France (She is Japanese)
02. Tracey in Canada
03. Jo in Australia 
04. Tanja in Germany
05. Ramchandra in India
06. Denise in Arizona, USA 
07. Liesbeth in Netherlands 
08. Leonie in Germany 
09. Nastya in Belarus
10. 許雅婷 in Taiwan (I copied the name :D)
11. Andrea in Australia
12. Kim in New Hampshire, USA
13. Katarzyna in Poland
14. Sylvan in France
15. Gamze in Turkey
16. Joakim in Sweden
17. Annie (& little Neko) in Ypsilanti, MI, USA
18. Ayaka in Japan
19. Anna in Belarus
20. Cenicienta in Germany
21. Kate in Russia
22. Yana in Russia
23. Nadezhda in Russia
24. Jinluan in China
25. Giova in Netherlands
26. Kay in China
27. Kanyo in Hong Kong
28. Anna in Taiwan

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  1. Wow, that looks pretty awesome! Basically pen-pals, but a little different! I think I'm going to sign up :)