Saturday, July 14, 2012

Closet "Makeover"....

I am quickly running out of space in this small apartment, and find that the closets end up getting SO messy after I tidy them up a bit so quickly (I now know how my Mom felt / still feels, lol). One of the main closets that was annoying me a lot is what is supposed to be the "Coat Closet", but it is now labelled the "Misc. Closet", it became a horrible site for me to look at when I opened it and I always thought about it because I use it daily to get Max's food, the vacuum cleaner is in there, etc., we do use it as a Coat Closet, but also for odds and ends that we have no place for in the Kitchen (hence the "Misc. Closet" label :)).

Last night I decided to order a 3' wire shelf at Walmart to try and add extra shelf space. So I got it ordered and chose to pick it up at Walmart this morning. This is what it looks like (the online picture) :

While walking around I saw a 2 pack wire Stacking Baskets I liked them and thought they would be nice to have, because at the moment I just had them in packets randomly in the closet, but I decided to wait and get them another time in case I didn't have enough space, so I checked it out first. I got home and had a good look at the closet and tried to imagine what I could do with the Stacking Baskets, as in where I could put them etc. I had a good idea of what I wanted and thought it would work well. Dustin was out so I called him and asked him to please pick the 2 pack Stacking Baskets I had (I was a bit worried he would get the wrong ones, but he got the right ones luckily. :)

This is what they look like :

Dustin also got me a Drill :D here is what it looks like (I'm wanting to get a mini Pink Drill though, so this one will actually be Dustin's) :

This is my Pink Apollo Toolkit, that I got from the family I work for, for Valentines Day this year :)

So I had everything I needed and was excited to start the closet makeover :) Here are pics of me doing my thang :)....

Yes I used a hole as the nose on the cartoon face :) Just to make it a little fun :)

And here are the before and after pics....

You can see in the after pic, that I hung the Stacking Baskets to the wire shelf. I attached them with  zip-ties, and it worked amazingly :)

Hopefully I'll still be happy with this for a LONG time :) So this is how I spent my Birthday afternoon, it was a TON of fun :)

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