Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Free Glasses At

I have been meaning to blog about my experience ordering myself some new glasses online thanks to a referral from my friend Carla.

I have been wanting (and needing) new glasses SO badly for a few years now, but at home they were always too expensive for me to get, I became really desperate a few weeks ago and posted a status on Facebook asking if my friends in the US knew if I would be able to save money by buying frames from a store and taking then to an optometrist to put the lenses in. That's when Carla told me about, and that I can get my first pair free. I thought BONUS, and went to have a quick squiz.... To my shock it really did say "first pair free" (not that I didn't believe her, I just thought it was too good to be true, lol). They have an AMAZING selection to chose from (first amazing thing). The only downer is that you can't try them on first, BUT the second amazing thing about this company is that they have a 365 day return, where you can return the glasses if you don't like them, and THEY pay for the shipping!!

Sound too good to be true to you too?? Well it sure is true :) anyways I wanted to try something totally new, I have been so over my small "oval rectangular" metal glasses I had always chosen since I was in 3rd Grade, and went for a TOTAL change, I went for rectangular, plastic, thick framed glasses and just hoped for the best when I tried them on.

Now for the third amazing thing. Shipping is FREE on orders over $99, my frames themselves were $88 but I got those for free and so only paid for my lenses and tax. Shipping said I would receive them a week from them being sent out. Well I ordered them on a Saturday afternoon, they shipped out on Sunday and they arrived on Tuesday, TWO business days later I had my new glasses, I tried them on and I loved them (after a little while :)).

The fourth amazing thing, I was so extremely happy with the speedy shipping and the way they looked on me, that I got excited and searched for them on Facebook and wrote on their wall. I was then asked to enter their "fan of the week" competition. So I did, by taking a pic of myself with my new glasses and the box they came in. If I won I would receive a $25 "gift card" and my pic would be posted on their Facebook page. About a week later a guy named Justin emailed me and told me I had won, and gave me a code to use for my "gift card" prize (it's for real, it works) and said my pic would be up too ( that hasn't happened yet though :( ). I'll just carry on waiting, might not even happen, but I was quite excited about family back home seeing it and friends, I know it would probably have been good "advertising" for them :) probably still can be!

Here are the pics :)

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