Monday, July 30, 2012

Puppies / Dogs And The Food They Eat....

I have been REALLY battling getting Max to eat his food for I think I can say a month now... Yes, a MONTH!! He would happily eat my food, but when it came to his food he would just sniff it and leave it. I became worried, once he got sick one morning (he does this now and then when he hasn't eaten (empty stomach) for a while, so it was nothing new to me). He was checked out by our AMAZING vet Dr. Harbeck at Banfield Pet Hospital - I take Max to the one in Brighton, Michigan. They really are such an amazing bunch of people that work there, ALL of them treat the pets that go in there like they are their own (which I really wanted). Anyways back to Max's checkup, they said nothing was wrong, and to not give up on Blue Buffalo food, and to try mix the wet food with his kibble. Which I did and one night he ate a small bit of the mixed food, and when I tried to give him just the wet food, he wouldn't eat the full amount.

Yesterday I tried 1/4 cup of kibble (the recommended amount is 1/2 cup),warm water and a light sprinkle of Parmesan cheese, and he gobbled that up. I rewarded him with excitement and a treat :) I then hoped I hadn't gotten too excited too quickly, and that it would work tonight too. I decided to buy some Mozzarella cheese instead, because Parmesan cheese is rich, it has a lot of salt in it, even though I was only putting in a LIGHT sprinkle of the cheese and swishing it around, I still wanted to be on the safer side. Tonight I tried the same thing again and he turned away from it (UGH!!), so I decided to just open up a NEW bag of food and do the 1/4 cup kibble, water and Parmesan cheese and see what would happen, and he GOBBLED it up in now time!! So again I rewarded him with excitement and a treat. I put in the other 1/4 cup kibble and JUST put in warm water and mixed it around a bit and he ate half of it, and I rewarded him again!! Soooo, I think I have sorted out the issue, fur-mommy had to open a new bag of fresh food! Not sure what is wrong with the food that was almost finished, but I am throwing that out and starting a new bag. Not sure if it is because it's in a plastic container from the pet store, and I should rather keep the food in the bag... So hopefully I haven't jumped the gun here and gotten too excited about it too soon! LOL... So glad I don't need to switch food brands, my gut tells me this food is the best, and my gut is always right! :))

So a new fresh bag of food was a HIT!! Thank goodness... Hopefully this is a continuous thing now and he will be back to eating his food again! :)

This is the food I feed him, I love it because it is Holistic and the FIRST INGREDIENT is MEAT!! I started him on the Freedom range because he started scratching a lot, once I started this Grain Free food the bulk of his scratching has stopped....

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