Saturday, July 21, 2012

Aurora, Colorado Movie Theater Shooting - A Sad Day For All....

I am sure by now that everyone has heard about the terrible Aurora, Colorado Movie Theater Shooting, Fox News are calling is "Movie Massacre", that happened on Friday early morning, just after midnight when the third movie in the Batman movies called "The Dark Night Rises".

There are a lot of survivor stories that are surfacing, millions of tweets from survivors and other people that were in other movie theaters that were evacuated, and they are terribly sad!! I had to stop myself from reading them all, if I carried on I think I would end up going through a whole box of Kleenex!! There is one survivor story that I couldn't stop reading and just had to share it via my blog to whoever reads it. It is written by a Mother that took her two teenage girls to the movie and was in the theater when it happened and they all survived. It is a good read and shows you how great God really is!! Please pay no attention to the few people with horrible comments, most of the comments are positive though. I felt it was a good thing for me to share this!

Please go and read her blog post here.

RIP all victims that unfortunately didn't make it!! Prayers and love to ALL involved and their families!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL....

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