Saturday, July 21, 2012

Make Your Home Smell Amazing....

I have been trying new things to try and make our apartment smell good (not that it smells bad or anything), but everything I've tried either doesn't last long, or you can't smell it at all. A few weeks ago we went to a friends place and all her rooms smelt so good, when we went into her eldest daughters room (we were having a look at her new place), I had to ask her what it was. I think she said it was a Sentsy that she had. They seem to be pretty popular, they are pretty pricey though and I haven't been able to find a person that sells them yet.

While I was in Walmart (again, lol) I saw these Scented Wax Warmers, so I decided to get one and try it out. I chose the design I did because it reminded me of Melissa, so I now would have something in my home to remind me of another family member and would hopefully make it smell good.

So far it has worked really well. It's really awesome. I just got a small tray of some wax I wanted to try out, I put one block of the wax on the lid and plug the scenter in and the wax melts and an amazing aroma starts filling the whole place :) It wasn't too expensive either, the Scented Wax Warmer was $10 and the Wax Trays are $2 each, I think the wax trays are a little expensive though....

The Warmer

The Wax Cubes

Right Now I'm Enjoying The Smell Of The Mountain Twiglight Wax As It Melts :)

A Wax Cube Is Enough To Fill The Whole Apartment With An Amazing Scent

This Was The Blue (Obviously) Wax That I Had Used First


  1. Ooh, I need to try these. I need something for my house too.
    I've heard good things about the 'wallflowers' from Bath and Body works... they're the plug in kind with oil in them.. apparently they work well and last pretty long too.

  2. They are amazing!! I haven't seen or heard of the 'wallflower' ones before - they sound interesting!! :) I love this one coz I keep it plugged in and it just has a switch like a normal lamp to switch on and off when I want!! Mountain Twilight is AMAZE!!