Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Troop Update and Other news...

Our group of Visa Journey group on Facebook has increased to 18 lovely ladies. I personally am loving having this “support group”. Since this process started, the distance has been a whole lot harder for us to deal with and both of our moods and patience have been tested on numerous occasions… BUT like always we pull through it and move along, which just shows how strong our relationship and love for each other is. So it has been great to be able to chat to others going through the same thing as us and for the encouragement we all give each other.

We all knew that when saying “YES” to our sweethearts when we were proposed to and choosing to start this Visa Journey wasn’t going to be an easy ride or very cheap for that matter. But if that is what it’s going to take to get to be with our loved ones forever, it is a small price to pay!

Our little support group of ladies on Facebook have had a few exciting “moments” the last few weeks with a few ladies receiving their NOA2’s (the approval of the petition, which then gets sent to their local embassy, where they then end up getting their interview dates) and two receiving their interview dates, being interviewed and then their visa approved.

Dex got his Visa approved on the 1st December, and will be arriving in South San Fransisco on the 22nd December, - wonderful Christmas present for them both. :)
Spela received a phone call from her embassy on Monday (13th December) and was given her interview date – the 14th December. She let us know this morning that her interview went smoothly and her visa was approved! She is leaving for California in the morning of the 24th December and will arrive with her man in the evening of the same day! So excited and happy for you girl!! :)
* * *
Onto other news, Dustin arrives here on the 20th January, 2011. His second visit to S.A. I’m so excited AGAIN (obviously, LOL), but extra excited this time because he gets to meet Hayley! The only person in my immediate family that he hasn’t met yet, I can’t wait to see how he is around us, being identical twins and all! LOL (that could be quite funny… well I’m hoping it will be :))

We plan on going to the Drakensburg for a week – I love the mountains and thought that it would be a great place to show him, although there is not much to do / see there, it will be nice and relaxing! Its summer now so it is going to be a scorcher, but my man will be here and that’s all that counts :) 38 Days left today until he arrives :)

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