Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Perform at Peak, Work at Wow"

This post hasn’t got anything to do with Dustin and I, but I thought my blog is basically about everything and anything and so I wanted to share this with you.

At the moment I work in a really awesome company, the people that work here are great and our boss even greater! While I was away on leave he bought all of us a book he wanted us to read, the book is by Robin Sharma and is called “The Leader Who Had No Title”. To be honest this isn’t the kind of book that I would pick out and read (that’s if I ever read), but I am actually really enjoying it a lot. It is about how you don’t need a title to do well in life – personal and work. It doesn’t matter if you are a street sweeper or a cleaner – you are still very important. Be your own CEOIf you work hard to be the leader of your job you are in and you will go far.

The title of this post is something that stood out to me in this book, and I find it very true. I have also learnt that one should ALWAYS be positive, and always make sure you are surrounded by positive people. I have now made it my mission to get rid of the negative in my life and replace it all with positive - whether it be a person or a thing.

In this book there are four Leadership Conversations :

First Leadership Conversation : You Need No Title to Be A Leader
Second Leadership Conversation : Turbulent Times Build Great Leaders
Third Leadership Conversation : The Deeper Your Relationships, the
                                               Stronger Your Leadership
Fourth Leadership Conversation : To Be a Great Leader, First Become a
                                                Great Person

This is a great read for anyone that wants to look at their job in a new, exciting way.

“We all need to lead where we are planted and shine where we now find ourselves”

“You don’t need a title to show some leadership”

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