Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March Birchbox....

Woohoo!! My March Birchbox arrived today, and yes I couldn't WAIT to open it and see what I got this month.... This months theme is "March Madness".... Again I was impressed, wasn't disappointed at all with this one. I actually checked out the sneek peek video of what we could get in the boxes and two of the items I was hoping to get I got :) I would have loved to get a sample of an eye shadow, but gosh the samples I got were really awesome this month too :)

Here the pics :

Woohoo!! I got a pic of the box it comes in this time....


Here is a list of the samples I got :

1. Madewell for Birchbox Emry Board
2. Vasanti - BrightenUp! Enqymatic Face Rejuvenator (Enriched with Papaya Micro-crystals and Aloe)
3. Twistband
4. Lipfusion Infatuation - La Lip Jole
5. Whish Shave Cream

I really wanted to get the Twistband and the Whish Shave Cream. The Whish Shave Cream smell AMAZING. It is blueberry scent - omg WOW!!

The Twistband is pretty cool too, they have a website, check it out : The Twistband

If you would like to try some yourself - go ahead! It's easy to cancel!!


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