Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fiancée Visa (K1) Process...

I just thought this would be nice to have, so that whoever would like to see how our application for my Fiancée Visa (K-1) is going they can refer back here. We are told that it takes 5 months to get the visa, so we are hoping and praying really hard that I get the visa in February 2011. There could be times where there isn't an update for a few weeks or months. But I will update with as much information as possible...

Visa Timeline...
01.10.2010     -     I-129F application mailed off by Dustin
06.10.2010     -     Package delivered at 10:51am (USA time) 16:51pm
                           (SA time)
25.10.2010     -     Date of NOA1
26.10.2010     -     NOA1 Notification Received (email & text notification)
27.10.2010     -     Last updated - "Touched"
29.10.2010     -     NOA1 Hard copy received in the mail

And we wait....

We are eagerly awaiting our second notification now - the NOA2 (Notice of Application 2), which will let us know that they have accepted the application and will be sending the application and documents to the NVC (National Visa Center) then onto the JHB consulate, and then I will be receiving a package from JHB consulate called "Packet 3", which will hopefully take about 1 weeks from the date the application arrives in JHB, I will then have to fill out paperwork to send back to the consulate and collect any other evidence they require. After that is hopefully just a 1 week wait for another package from JHB called "Packet 4" which will contain my interview date :D (I can't wait) The wait for the NOA2 is about 3 - 4 - 5 months (I am holding thumbs it is earlier though!)

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