Thursday, October 7, 2010

Our Special Engagement Surprise Gift from the Brown x2 and Sparg families...

Today Dustin and I received a very unexpected gift in the work mail that came in this morning! It was a lovely goldish envelope and addressed from James and Candace Sparg (my cousin). I excitedly opened it not sure what it was, when I took what was inside out there was a beautiful gold ribbon tied across a photo of a really cute little girl, and on the back it said "Congratulations on your engagement" and it is a voucher for an engagement shoot with a photographer that did Cands and James's wedding - BEAUTIFUL pictures and really wanted to have her as my photographer for our wedding! So we are pretty excited to have been given the opportunity to have photos taken by her for our engagement - more awesome memories to look back on one day :)

It was quite weird though, because I was talking to a lady at work last week and yesterday about wanting to organize an engagement photo shoot with one of her friends, that just recently took photos of her and her two daughters for her husbands 40th birthday, and I brought the whole photo shoot idea up in conversation with Dustin and he thought it a great idea! So I guess great minds think alike (with whose ever idea it was, LOL). So ya I am just so excited now for January to get here, so that Dustin is here and we can get some amazing pics from Kate. Obviously when we have had the shoot I will put some of the pics up!

Here is the gift we received, I photocopied the back and front and stuck them together :


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