Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our New Apartment...

A friend of mine Rozanne (South African) that sent me a message on Facebook a few months before I left South Africa, and I ended up staying just down the road from each other in Howell without knowing it, until we spoke on FB after a while... She then told me about the apartments she lives in, and we were looking for an apartment, so I told Dustin about them, and we went to apply for a place. When we got there, there was ONE 2 bedroom apartment available the following week, which told us something about the place - if it's so full, it has got to be a good place :)

We applied and got accepted and started moving in on the July 28th and were in on August 1st. We are collecting things slowly, because we basically started from the beginning... I'm not going to post pics of the apartment yet, because I want to have everything done and then I will post before and after pics of each room...

In the meantime here are pics of some of the appliances etc. we have for our kitchen...

I got these Coffee Mugs for Christmas... I have 12 of them :)

The Coffeemaker and Crockpot were a gift from Dustins Mom and Step Dad... Really Awesome!

I got a shower curtain for my bathroom... I just need to figure out if I want to paint the bathroom and if I do, what colour I want to paint it.... I was thinking eggshell but not sure yet!

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