Friday, September 23, 2011


For about 2 months now I've been really wanting to get a puppy, not being able to work yet and not having a car to get places without Dustin, I have been extremely bored sitting at home, so a friend for myself would be perfect to keep me busy...

Last Thursday, Dustin took me to a Pet Store in Utica... It was quite a drive, but man it was so worth it :) It is such a lovely Pet Store and you can see that they really look after the pups they get in to sell from breeders. I wasn't too sure what I wanted for certain and they just had a board of what breeds they have, but I didn't know what each one looked like, so he allowed us in the back where they keep the puppies for me to have a look... Unfortunately Dustin and the owner got into a political conversation.... So we stood in one place for like 20 min before we moved on... I guess I should say fortunately they got into this particular subject conversation, because while they spoke their lives away I was able to have a look at the pups in front of us! This little fluffy pup caught my eye in the one crate, he was playing with his friend and was just so cute!! They are in such tiny crates though, and with two in each I sorta felt bad for them :( Anyways this little guy caught my eye and when they were done he showed us the other pups (but were still taking about politics), but I still had the little cream coloured pup in my head, so I told him I'd like to hold that one and so I got to hold him for like an hour (coz Dustin and the Owner continued their boring conversation while we sat on chairs), both of us had turns holding him and I instantly fell in love with him!

After being in the shop for two hours, we went home, with me being so sad to leave him behind! The rest of the night he was all I could think of....

Friday I went to work with Dustin, because he said that I could get the puppy and that we would go get him, so to save him from coming back to pick me up and going all the way to Utica I decided to tell him I'd go with him... BUT we didn't go anywhere near the Pet Store :( (nice husband hey?)

Saturday we left at 11:00am to get there at 12:00pm (when they open) - these were my strict instructions, lol... But he had some things to do so we got there like 1:30pm, but the wait was worth it when the lady gave me my new pup :) We thought of names on Friday evening, and in the end we liked either Max or Cooper, but Max sorta stuck with us, and when we kept looking at him he looked more and more like a Max... but I wasn't totally sold on it so I put a pic on FB and got some VERY interesting names, lol

Name : Max
Breed : Shih Poo
Sex : Male
Born : 6/23/2011
Age today : 13 weeks
Colour : Apricot
Weight when brought him home : 3.65 lbs

It's like having a baby in the house! But obviously it's TOTALLY different! I have been pretty tired though, from trying to get him adjusted to sleeping on his own at night (coz he was in a crate with a friend for 13 weeks of his life), but it's been worth it... Although the potty training in the beginning was a bit of a shlep! Living on the top floor (3rd floor), having to go out every 1/2 hour was getting too much, and especially when he doesn't do anything on the grass because it was too long! So I've been trying to encourage the puppy pads, he does pretty good when I pay ALOT of attention to him, over the last two days he has however, done pretty good when I have remembered to take him outside :) the grass has been cut, so I'm thinking that's why... There have been a few accidents inside but that's all in the learning process... But it has become quite fun potty training him outside and being able to give him praise and a treat :) Love the exited little worm he turns into!!

Here is a video - that I know will make my Mom cringe, but I just had to let him carry on for a bit to video this for his bark because it is too cute!! So this isn't encouraged and won't let him do this again :)

Here is a video I took of him playing with the paper that came in his package that arrived yesterday with his new collar and leash... :)

He is so much fun!! <3

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