Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Max Has His First Grooming...

Max has been with us for just over a month now and just turned 4 months on Sunday... :)

I hadn't realized how much his hair had actually grown in the month that we've had him, I noticed over his eyes but elsewhere not much, but when I put the pictures I've taken next to each other I can REALLY notice it! He was LONG overdue for a grooming - but he was so fluffy and I LOVED that about him :)

So we took him to get his first groom on Saturday, at "Pet Supplies 'Plus' "... I was so nervous / sad to leave him there with someone that was a stranger to him, but I knew it would be good for him to get a grooming... She was a lovely lady and loved Max... Dustin made sure to tell her that I still wanted Max to be fluffy so we decided on her only cutting off half of his hair, but when we got back there to pick him up he was SO short! I was a little disappointed because he was no longer fluffy, and he looked like a completely different puppy :( But I am getting use to it - he does look like a real little boy now :)

This is transformation...

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