Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Max Has A Guest....

On Saturday Dustin, Max and myself drove to the Petco in Troy, MI. They were having an adoption event there, with Home FurEver Rescue dogs. Max needs a play mate to play with during the day to get some extra exercise and also to have some company. Dustin liked a picture of a dog on the Home Furever Rescue website and he was there too.

Dustin found him and showed me his crate, Max met him through the crate and they seemed fine. We decided we would like to see if adopting him would work out. His story is also a bit sad, but it wasn't the reason we took a liking to him, he is also pretty cute. Dustin filled out the adoption papers, one of the ladies took him out the crate and we took him and Max outside to interact a bit. Things went pretty well. His foster Mom came over to meet us and spoke to us a bit about him, and then she wanted to come over on Sunday with the dog to see how he interacted in the new environment and with Max, and how Max would be etc. with them both being male. They both got on really well and both have the same energy level, so it was really nice to see Max playing so much and running around. She asked if Dustin and I would like to foster him for a few days to see how it goes and to see if we would "survive" their energy, and if it really was going to go well. Dustin wasn't here, so I decided to give it a try. I filled out the foster forms and so he stayed with us, and has been with us since Sunday.

Max is absolutely loving having a friend, Dustin has also really taken a liking to him. I like him too, but am still trying to adjust to having another dog in the house right now.

We don't have to decide right now if we are going to move forward and adopt, but we will have him here until we make the decision. He is also a small breed dog, but Max is still SO "petite" (can I say that about a male? lol) next to him.

Here are some pics I took of them both on Sunday....

This is his pic and story :

This little fellow is so happy to get a chance to enjoy his life. Unfortunately, he has spent his life kept in a crate in a garage or tied up in the yard of his previous owner no matter what the season. Now he is safely in a foster home that can give him all the love and attention he deserves! Chewy was given his nickname because of his cute Lhasa Apso underbite- he looks like he's smiling! Chewy is a young dog and loves to play. He is very active but is also a little lover. He likes to give hugs to his human companions and give them sweet kisses on the neck.

If you are interested in adopting or even fostering dogs go their website, they also have a Facebook page.

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