Saturday, December 29, 2012

I'M BACK!!!!....

Wow! Seems like it's been forever since I last posted a blog!! I've been down and out for a couple weeks and now am back and ready to keep up with as many posts as I can get :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all an amazingly awesome New Year!! Can you believe how quickly this year has gone, I remember last New Year like it was yesterday!!

Winter has also crept up on us fast here in Michigan. Last year we had like no snow, this year we are being covered in the beautiful white fluffy stuff!! I do call it beautiful and I do love it, but I also know the dangers of driving in it! In the four Winters that I have been through here in Michigan on Wednesday was the first time I had ever driven in that amount of snow covered roads, by the time I left to come home they had still not salted the roads and there were run / spin offs all over the place. The usual trip I take home which normally takes me about 30 / 35 min ended up taking me 2 hours!! Part of the road (the section I was extremely nervous about in the weather that night, ended up being closed JUST before I got there, because there were 10 - 15 cars that had tried to go down and up and ended up not making it and running the road! I was thankful that that section had been cut off and that it wasn't me in one of those cars!!

So I ended up turning around and going a different route, but getting back onto the road I normally take, just a few miles away from where it was closed. Unfortunately 20+ minutes of that 2 hour commute was me skidding and spinning out onto the side into a slight ditch. I was beside myself when I called 911, I was being SO careful and driving SO slow, I don't know what happened at that particular section! :( Luckily while on the phone to 911 a lovely couple in a Suburban stopped and offered to pull me out - I accepted graciously tears and all. LOL

So that was a definite bummer to my first real Winter Snow Drive, and "ooooo" "aaaaahhhhing" as the snow fell all day Wednesday.... But there were no injuries to either the car or myself, just tears of shock :)

When I get my things together I will get some "missed out" blog posts up... Better late than never for them right :)

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