Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Ticket Is Booked...

I finally have my ticket for my flight to Michigan on Friday!! I am so excited to finally be able to go back. There are so many memories I have there, but I know that it won’t be nearly the same this time than it was then, without all my Au Pair friends. But I guess this time I'll have to make new and more friends and start a new life there!

leave Durban at 18:40 pm SA Time and arrive in Dubai at 05:20 am (Dubai Time, 03:20 am SA Time), I then leave Dubai at 08:30 am (Dubai Time, 6:30 am SA Time), I then arrive in New York at 14:15 pm (USA Time, 20:15 pm SA Time), then leave New York at 18:35 pm (USA Time, 12:35 am SA Time), and arrive in Detroit at 21:05 pm (USA Time, 03:05 am SA Time).

I’m going to miss my family terribly! I have been to America for 18 months before without seeing my family once the entire time, so I have dealt with the distance before but this time it's different for sure :) I know that I will be back to visit at least once a year, but this time it’s permanent, I’ll be making it my home. South Africa will however, always be my home! You know the saying home is where the heart is :)

I know this is really lame - me blogging about every little thing lately and putting up pics, but I enjoy it and it keeps me busy for a while and makes me excited :D

4 Days Left...


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