Monday, December 12, 2011

First Heavy Snowfall of Winter 2011...

Much to my excitement we got our first heavy snowfall of the Winter this year of November 29th! Yes I got VERY excited when it snowed lightly a few weeks before that, but this was super exciting!! Haha

It started at about 5pm, so it was already dark outside, but I enjoyed watching it "build up", and kept taking a few pics every now and then, as it got thicker on the ground. Yes I do go overboard with pictures, but it will probably last for this Winter and then the other Winters I have I'll be used to it, do don't worry, next year will probably be a lot less picture loading than this year! :)

I really love the way Max enjoys the snow, some dogs don't like to be in the snow, but Max "asks" to go out in the snow. Our balcony is open so the snow builds up onto it, and so Max scratches on the glass door to let us know he needs to get out, I open it for him and he goes jumping around in it! It's just the cutest thing :)

Here are a few pictures from the night it was falling :

Here are some pics of the day after, during the day :

The apartment from outside, our apartment is the top on in the front :)

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