Saturday, December 31, 2011

Farewell 2011... Hello 2012...

So this year hasn't really been filled with a lot of fun and interesting things, but it sure has been filled with some HUGE changes to my life!! Some changes that I never in a million years thought would happen 3 years ago, or let alone 8 months ago!! Waiting for the visa process to be over and to get to the interview stage and wonder if I would get it or not really did make me wonder a lot wether things would go as planned for Dustin and I or not!!

So the huge changes were :

Resigning from work - a company that I really enjoyed working for
Getting my visa approved and realizing I would be leaving my home country again, and this time for good
LEAVING my home country
Dustin and I finally got our own place to rent - one I am still enjoying decorating slowly
We became a Mom and Dad to the cutest little puppy ever - MAX

I am missing my family a lot. I actually never realised how much I would miss my family this time, but I really do. When I Au Paired I was very lucky to have a family orientated family that was awesome in so many ways, so it still felt like I was with family... I lived with them and did a lot of things with them! Now that I am here this time, I am on my 'own'... Meaning not with a HUGE family this time around... It is just Dustin and I and now Maxxie boy... Don't get me wrong, I do love having my own family and starting new things. But I do really miss being with all my family and Aunts and Uncles most of the time and doing family things often with them! I guess it is going to take a while to start getting use to starting new 'traditions' for everything here :)

But onto happier things, I am really looking forward to seeing what 2012 has in store for me... There are a few things that Dustin and I are really hoping will happen for us, but we can only wait and see and hold thumbs :)

So here is to a fabulous, amazing, wonderful and STUNNING 2012!!!!

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  1. Did you forget that you GOT MARRIED ??? lol :o)
    I know it can feel lonely at times when you first settle into this foreign life as a wife in the USA... but it does get easier... especially when you start having your days filled with baby duty :) It'll come, and before you know it, the USA will very much be your home... I'll never stop missing my family, but I can't even remotely imagine ever living in SA again... my home is here :)