Monday, December 12, 2011

Howell Festival of Lights Parade...

WOW!! So I haven't posted an blog post for some time now - I've either been too busy with decorating the apartment for Christmas or have just plain forgotten! So I plan on doing a bunch today, to update my blog :)

On November 25th, Dustin, Max and I walked to Downtown Howell where there was going to be a Festival of Lights Parade to start off the Christmas season! It was PACKED with people - they had a race before the parade so there were tons of friends and family watching the people running. But we finally found a spot and so stayed there and waited until the parade started!

I've learnt here, that when they say something is going to start at a specific time - IT DOES!! There are normally no long annoying waits for things to start. Here are a few pics of some of the floats. I took so many photos because there were so many beautiful floats, so it would make this post just go on and on!

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