Friday, January 6, 2012

Porcupine Potatoes....

So I have just recently been introduced to the new craze ~ Pinterest, and so decided to see if this would work if I tried to Pin it to one of my boards :) For some reason I have been thinking a lot about Porcupine Potatoes - my Mom use to make some delicious ones! I don't know if the stores here will have the ingredients as home (South Africa) that my Mom uses, I actually keep forgetting to check - I may be wrong though :) Don't know what a Porcupine Potato is? Have a look at the pic - I couldn't find one that looks like Moms, so basically imagine this potato with the seasoning on top, and you can make the slices thicker if desired...

It's really pretty easy...


Potatoes (however many you want)
Olive Oil
Brown Onion Soup Mix

1. Slice the top of the potato vertically along the top, but not all the way through to create a hassle back style potato
2. Rub oil all over the potato
3. Place potatoes into a glass dish (spray 'n cook the bottom so they don't stick)
4. Sprinkle the Brown onion soup mix onto each potato
5. Put into the oven at 200 C until crisp, golden and cooked through
6. Serve immediately

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