Monday, January 30, 2012


So today Max is exactly 7 months and 1 week old TODAY!! :)

He has brought so much joy to my life since we got him!! I will admit that I never thought I would ever have my own pet, let alone a puppy/dog... About 2 months after I arrived here I started missing Milo a lot (I had spent everyday all day with him for like almost 3 months, and he really was just too cute in everything he did), so I started getting 'broody' for a puppy :)

On September 16, 2011. Dustin took me to the Utica Pet Shop to have a look at some puppies, I had found them online so I was a bit nervous they were going to be dodgey... But they were FAR from dodgey, such down to earth owners and they had a GORGEOUS selection of pups! I remember being allowed to go to the back where all the crates were, and I remember seeing my little boy in the second crate at the top with another pup. While Dustin and the owner were discussing politics (ugh! this is a regular occurrence where ever we go together!!) I watched my angel and his buddy playing (wrestling each other), and all you could see was a "ball" of light and dark fluff rolling around (in not very much space), I was going between the two of them, and finally when we were able to move on to see more I just kept wanting to go back to that second crate at the top level to see the little apricot furbaby... The owner then asked me which one I wanted to look at and I walked over to Max's crate and told him the white one. The moment I held my little boy I knew he was the one. So Dustin and I got the chance to sit in the front of the store and play with him a bit, while Dustin and the owner spoke MORE politics...

We then paid the deposit, and sadly went home to prepare the arrival of my new baby boy <3 :) The next day September 17, 2011 we went to pick up my little boy - me being too overwhelmingly excited!! Haha

He got use to his new home fast (in about 3 days) and soon started ruling the roost :D

Here he is through the months since I got him :)

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