Monday, January 9, 2012

My New Keurig Machine...

Dustin got me a Keurig Coffee Machine for Christmas, and I must tell you, this is an amazing machine!! I love it sooooo much, it is awesome for making one cup of tasty coffees - flavored or plane! I can also make my own iced coffee and iced teas in the summer - I can't wait to try that out!!

Here is my Keurig Machine....

Last night Dustin and I went to bed bath and beyond and got some yummy K-Cups. I got Mocha (YUM!) and Chai Latte (Again YUM!) and Dustin chose some Starbucks plane coffee. They also had the carousels so we got one of those too :) here it is filled up with my new K-Cups :)

It's really awesome to see it work, so instead of me explaining took a video of me making a Mocha :)

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