Sunday, February 12, 2012

An Attempt To Make Chicken and Dumplings...

A few days after I made Hawaiian Chicken I decided to try and make a dish that I hear about often... Chicken and Dumplings... I had never made it before and the recipe looked pretty easy, it was also a recipe to make it in a Crock Pot so that was a plus in my eyes too :)

So I tried my hand at it and it came out okay, the dumplings were pretty doughy though, so I'll be making the dumplings from hand next time and not using the refrigerated ones like the recipe calls for... I didn't get a pic of it cooked or plated as I ran out of time, I went to babysit the kids and didn't watch my time properly! Oops! Lol...

... All the ingredients

... Almost cooked, and dumplings just added

As I mentioned before, it was easy and it tasted good, but the only change I would make is too have more pieces of chicken and make more liquid. Also to make the dumplings from scratch :)

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