Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Max Loves Being Outside...

I just can't wait until we can move into a house - rent or buy!! Why do I say this? Well because Max absolutely LOVES to be outside. He has managed to start jumping up on top of the couch and he loves to sit there and stare out the window at people, or just the trees etc. It really is cute... He also continually asks us to open the sliding door to go onto the balcony by ringing his bells...

Monday was a public holiday (Presidents Day), so we took Max on a walk around the block (a BIG block), so he got some time outside and exercise, he always loves our walks. I then decided to take him to a school nearby so that he could run around without running onto the road etc. There is a baseball field with a lot of grass space and fencing around it with a few openings, but the space is big enough to throw a ball with him. He enjoyed it so much :)

Here are a few pics and a video I took...

Running to me - I love it!! :)

The bestest buddy in the whole world!!

Will load the video as soon as I can figure out how to do it :)

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