Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pasta ala Turk and Malva Pudding...

Last night I decided to make a Pasta dish, it doesn't really have a name, so I just ended up calling is Pasta ala Turk, I don't know why but ya, it works for me! LOL... It was okay, didn't taste the same as the one I had tasted prior to making this. Next time I'm going to use less Pasta Bows and less Sun Dried Tomatoes and also cut them up into smaller pieces, they were pretty overwhelming. Why I'm not sure, because they weren't in the dish I tasted... Anyways it was good... Dustin just didn't eat the peas - LOL...

... Ingredients

... All mixed up

... Plated

I also had this marvelous idea to make some Malva Pudding... I had never made it myself before and also hadn't had it in ages... It's a nice recipe because you basically have the ingredients in your pantry already and so don't need to go out and get special ingredients... It is SO super easy to make and so freaking yummy!! It was a HUGE hit with Dustin so that was good :) I didn't make any custard, but we had ice-cream, so Dustin had it with ice-cream... Definitely will make this again...

... Baked

... Sauce heating up on the stove

... Sauce poured over and soaking into the pudding

... Plated with Ice-Cream

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