Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pencil Cases for School....

I am SO use to using a Space Case or Pencil Bags for my stationery for school, that when it came time to finding one I really liked here I could NOT for the life of me find one!! It was so frustrating. I had decided I wanted a Material Pencil Bag, I spent a week looking for the perfect one. One that was long enough to fit a 30cm ruler and all my other things I needed.

I eventually found a ton on, they were all small though, too short for a 30cm ruler. I went through MANY different peoples stores on there, and didn't find a material or look I really liked!! UNTIL I came across a few Pencil Cases made with the "Mini Owl" material - so freaking cute!! I instantly loved the look of the bags she made and she had an interesting selection of materials to choose from. I ended up messaging her to ask if she would be able to make two Pencil Cases that would fit a 30cm ruler in it, and she replied SO quickly saying she absolutely could. I was so excited, and chose two materials I really liked and she got the order done and out VERY quickly!! I was so SO happy with the service from her and how quickly she did the custom request for me, because I was starting so quickly, I really wanted to get it as soon as I could :)

When I received them I was SO impressed with the quality, and how they were made! I'm sure they are going to last me a LONG time to come :)

Go ahead and have a look at her store : teniamariecreations she has some really cute things!!

Thanks so much again Bernadette!! 

Cute right??

* I was NOT paid for this. This is my personal opinion about this product....

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