Monday, January 28, 2013

Winner For My Giveaway Of BSD's New Book....

Hi all....

Again thank you ALL for participating in this exciting giveaway!!


Below is the winner (click the blue dot :D).... The winner has 48 hours to message me to claim their prize!! Please contact me via my Facebook page : South African Girl in America :)

Now because this was pretty popular, and there are so many people that really want Budget Savvy Diva's book, I'm going to hold another giveaway for a chance for a second winner!! *The winner of this giveaway (one I just had) cannot enter again* This just allows a fair chance for others :)

I have made a new post for the second giveaway. (This will be the last giveaway for BSD's AMAZINGLY POPULAR book, lol)

**Just wanted to add that for both these giveaways - it was MY idea and NOT BSD's.... This is alllll me :D

1 comment:

  1. Haha... TRUST ME to totally miss this post until now. lol.
    YAY for me... so excited.. I never win stuff!
    And the timing right now couldn't be BETTER!
    Thanks Kirsty :)