Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tear Stains on Dogs -- How To Get Rid of Them....

Have you got light furry balls of fun fluff? Have you battled to keep your wonderful light furry balls FREE of Tear Stains?

Well I answered YES to both of those questions months ago.... I was told briefly about Angels Eyes but never really paid attention to it, until the look of my little Max's VERY tear stained face kind of "shook me" - you know when a person takes their hands, puts them on your shoulders and shakes you? LOL...

I then remembered the Angels Eyes name and started to do some research on it. To my shock it was SO expensive!! For a 2.12 oz bottle of the powder it costs $25. You can order from their site directly, but with doing my homework, it was A LOT cheaper to order it through and choose the "free ship to store" option. You can click here to go directly to the page for the Angels Eyes just to make it easier for you :) Only thing is that on they only have the Beef Flavor. But on the Angels Eyes site they have all of their flavors : Beef Flavor, Chicken Flavor and Sweet Potato Flavor.

I can safely say that I noticed a big difference when using it within the first 2 weeks! Use it as recommended on the bottle and you will not go wrong!! I use it twice a week now and it still works great!

Have a look at the difference in Max's face.... The pic will probably be too small on the screen now, so try clicking on it so you can see it good :)

* I was NOT paid for this. This is my personal opinion about Angel Eyes....

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