Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Name, My New Part-time Job, My Accent, My Skin Colour and My Country...

My Name :

What is it with the names KIRSTY and KRISTY?? How do so many people here in America get my name WRONG?? Is it because people are lazy when they read? If I changed my name to Kristy (not gona happen, lol), would they then call me KIRSTY!!

My New Part-time Job and My Name #2:

I recently started working at Kohls in Howell, MI. Wow but are they an awesome company to work for!! Such amazing people work there! Anyways, when I applied for a job, I knew that there would be an issue with them calling me KRISTY and I knew it would ANNOY me to no end, so I had to prepare myself, LOL... Well what happened when I went for Orientation? The lady that did the Orientation the day I went in, amazingly asked me when she was showing us how to clock in on the machine, if my name was Kristy or KIRSTY, she had read it correctly as KIRSTY and written my name on my training schedule correct, BUT the lady that entered my information into their system entered my name in as KRISTY!! I knew it would happen so I just let it slide, lol... The lady at Orientation even printed out a label for my name badge correct that day (YAY!), so I was starting to feel pretty good, because now most the new people at Orientation now knew what my REAL name was, after I "moaned" about so many Americans always getting it wrong, haha...

I love my name, and lots of people that I correct or read my name right always tell me that they love my name, and think it is "unique" (to them that's for sure, haha). I am pretty sure that there are a lot more than just TWO Kirst(y)ie's that populate America - Kirstie Alley and myself :D

My Accent :

When I officially started on POS I knew there was another issue I was going to have as well as them reading my name wrong, it is none other than my ACCENT!! Everyone thinks I come from England, but I am now just happy to educate at least some people about different accents and a different country. They are always so surprised when I say that I am actually from South Africa, and tell me they would never have thought of that. Why is this?....

My Skin Colour and My Country:

... because the fact that I AM WHITE and come from South Africa!! (This is in no way a racial thing, so please no issues about this from readers). Yes along with coming from another country like South Africa, comes the questions / comments about my skin colour. It is so apparent that MANY people know Africa as just a whole, and they see Africa as just having African people that populate it. So in turn think that even South African people are also all African :) I don't always get the shocked face and then the "but you white?" question with every customer that comes through, but I do get a lot of the shocked faces and just "wow okay, that's awesome... you sound so British" replies. LOL.

I guess its a good thing that the customers at least get a little education after their shopping at Kohls :)

Well that's my long, boring post done....



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