Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Chewys Adoption...

As reported in an earlier post of mine, Max had a guest here at home.... Well that specific guest was Chewy (we saw him at an adoption event and signed to foster him and see how it went), he ended up staying here for an extended time and became Dustins shadow. He was getting on really well with Max and gelled pretty well with us. Dustin decided that Chewy had stolen his heart so we went ahead with things to make him an official family member.

The adoption of Chewy was made official yesterday at Petsmart in Commerce, MI. There was A LOT of paperwork to sign and read through, but both Max and Chewy did well waiting until it was over. We adopted him from Home Fur Ever, click the name if you are interested in reading more about them, it is their Facebook page. They are a rescue group here in Michigan. Chewys foster Mom before us was Nicole - she is such a great lady, so friendly, and LOVES animals :)

Here is a pic of us 4 at the adoption yesterday (had to do some serious editing, and still don't like it, oh well I want you all to see something though...)

Welcome to the family Chewy!!


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