Saturday, October 20, 2012

*FOR TWITTER* Lily - Yorkie / Maltese - Mix Dog Is STILL Missing From Howell, MI...

Hi Readers!

I've been thinking of doing a "Twitter Blog Post" for the continued search for Lily. I've been trying to come up with good words to trend for her every time I tweet my last post, so that her picture and information can get out into the Twitter world too. As many of you know, Twitter has really become a popular form of social networking, some people hate it and some people LOVE it, I think more people are moving towards loving it now. At first it is pretty difficult to understand how it works and what it's purpose is. I like to use it for my blogs, just in case someone searches for a trend or topic on Twitter and they come across my profile :) I am now going to use it to spread the word even more about Lily now....

So far I have come up with four words to trend on my posts. If you come across this and read it and can think of any others to add, please leave a comment and we can definitely look into using them - anything new can help!

If you have a Twitter account, please consider tweeting this post, and/or my last recent post about Lily, that you can get by clicking here, and use these words to try get the trending up (the words must have NO spaces in between them) :


If you don't know how to do this, all you do is when you have put my blog link into your Twitter status section, put #lilythemissingyorkiemaltesemix etc., with it. For eg. if I was using my last recent post about Lily, my Twitter status would look like this :

#lilythemissingyorkiemaltesemix #missingpet #missingpet #howellmichigan

You can put the words you choose to use before or after the blog link. You don't have to use all of the trending words at the same time if you don't want to, I do it just so that I know it'll keep showing when someone searches for "missing pet" or "howell michigan" on their Twitter for eg.

If you don't have a Twitter account, and would like to help escalate the trending words and showing her face more, it is really easy to start your own account. You'd be helping a bunch too :) If you don't have an account, all I ask is if you could please keep sharing this post or my last recent one about Lily.

THANK YOU ALL!! I am sure Tricia will really appreciate all your help! :)


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