Friday, November 2, 2012

Still In The Process To Sign Up For Studying....

Yup, I am still in the process of starting my studying.... I REALLY didn't know it was such a process, then again I never was fortunate enough to attend a College at home - MY GOSH IT IS JUST WAY TOO EXPENSIVE THERE!! So I am extremely happy that I am able to start my dream of studying a Teaching Degree here :)

I am however, almost done with the process :) I completed my Online Orientation about 2 weeks ago, and next week Tuesday I am going to be going to the In-person Orientation AND completing the COMPASS Test.... A few days after that I should hopefully be able to verify the program I want to enroll in!!

I have chosen to study Elementary Teaching - I can't tell you how excited I am to start. I will hopefully be starting in January 2013 (Winter 2013).... Even though it's an uneven year and an uneven month to start, (lol), I am hoping it will be a good start to an amazing future :) I am also so blessed to be working as a Nanny for a very supportive woman, she is also excited for me, and really wants to see me go ahead with my dream! I will continue to work for her as long as she needs me and as long as I need to or can whilst studying. They are an amazing family, and are so good to me! They remind me of my American Family (The Bickersteths :))!!

My Mom is also excited for me, and I am pretty sure that when I talk to her about what I need to do and what is still needed to be done, she gets as confused as I do, lol.... All the words and the way they do things here school wise is SO different to home, but I am excited to learn and be able to speak the American Schooling / College "lingo", haha.... I think Mom is pretty excited to learn all these new things too, although it's very overwhelming!! LOVE YOU MOM, AND THANK YOU FOR BEING SO SUPPORTIVE!! Can't wait to tell you what classes I have enrolled in and when I start etc.! :)

Lately I have come across a lot of Teachers Blogs, which have been so awesome to read through, they are all ladies that have been teaching for a few years already, so to see / read their ideas and what they do and how they handle things, I'm sure will be a huge help to me!!

I guess that's the end of my extremely excited blog post!


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