Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Elections / Election Day... Oh I Hate Elections In The USA!!....

Wow, but has this Election in the USA opened my eyes to so many things!! Most things I already know, but the Elections just really bring out the worst in so many people. I hate negativity, so to be surrounded by negativity for SO long has been driving me slowly INSANE! You just can't seem to get away from it, it's all over Social Networks, Shops, Radios etc. I'm sure a lot of people - if I had to update my statuses on Facebook or Twitter - would have told me to get off of the Social Networks if I don't want to see it, which is why I have bitten my "fingers" (lol) VERY HARD, and not done ANY Political statuses etc., because really if one had to go off Facebook and the such for the Election period, they would still have it surrounding them in other ways... So there is NO escaping the awful negativity!!

I can't vote this year, because I am not yet a Citizen (that only happens in 5 years time - if I even decide to become a Citizen).... I do however, have my own views on each candidate and what they have been saying throughout the debates etc. BUT I will not be "airing" it on my Blog, nor will I be "airing" it in person to everyone in any way. (Have I mentioned I hate negativity?? LOL) that word negativity is the MAIN reason why I keep my views to myself, because I know that most people would throw out negativity on the things I have to say, and yes "you shouldn't care about what others think", that I am afraid for me, is easier said than done... Negativity does affect me, (those that really know me, know this already! they know how shy / quiet / sensitive I am to a lot of things) especially if my views / thoughts are put down, and name calling gets involved! SO I have saved myself from the negativity from the Elections at least, haha....

Today is Election Day, so I really cannot wait until it is over and 2013 is here, I know there are a few more weeks left for the negative vibe AFTER today... So I have never wanted to see 2013 so quickly!! :)

Everyone enjoy this day and don't let the Election bring the horrible side in you out like it has to so many.... Be calm and vote!! :))

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