Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012....

Yup, this one is also late...

Last year was my first Halloween back in the US since 2007, so I was pretty excited to decorate with Halloween decorations etc. By then we had gotten Max and dressed him up as a Bumble Bee, he was so cute :) This year was the same I was excited again and decorated again.

This year I was shopping in Petsmart and saw a Shark "costume", thought it was a cute idea and got it for him. That was before we thought of Chewy or even had him. We then got Chewy and I had to find him a costume too. Max was going to be a Shark, and I wasn't too sure what Chewy was going to be, I went to go and get Max and Chewies favorite treats at Walmart and saw a few cute "costumes" for dogs in the same area. I saw a black Cowboy hat and knew that he would look major cute with it on!

So this year we had a Shark and a Cowboy, haha :) Below are some pics I managed to get.

  Cowboy Chewy

Max the Shark

 Attack of the Shark... LOL

Unfortunately this year it was FREEZING and RAINING, so we didn't go and walk downtown with them to check out all the little Trick or Treaters and decorations.... Oh well, next year!!

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