Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Previous Work From Home Post....

I have had a lot of questions about my previous post about earning some extra $$ from home. Here are a few answers :

1. It is not a scam
2. It is totally 100% legit
3. Yes you do have to pay SOME money, but it is not much. I paid $6 at the most and that was on all offers I wanted
4. The offers I talk about are trial offers, that the company wants you to try out, that is how you get your credit to move onto the next step. The trial offers range from all sorts of things, there is Netflix, Disney Movie Club, Dr. Seuss Books, just to name a few of the trial offers I paid for (each no more than $4 each)
5. Once you have signed up for the trial offers - the FREE ones and the ones you pay minimal amounts for you must cancel after 75% - 90% of the trial period sign up. Most of them are 30 days, so you would wait 25 or so days and cancel that offer and you WILL NOT be charged. You will then be done with the offers, unless you want to keep them, like I have for Dr. Seuss for example, I want to collect the books, so I will not cancel before my trial offer is over :)
6. No you do not get your money back that you spent on your trial offers, but it is not very much that you are spending, and at the end, when you start advertising your own web page for others to sign up, you'll have made the money back by just ONE person signing up for their Steps 1 - 3...

I see this as a win win situation.

My Sponsor that I went under to start this has made over $700 just THIS MONTH (November, 2012), she sent me a proof shot of her paypal account so I could use it to show everyone. If you advertise your web page, it really does pay off. As soon as I start getting paid I will be sure to make another post to follow up with you all and show you that I am making money too!!

This is her page shot to prove that she is making $$ :

This is not a "get rich quick" kind of thing, it does take time, so be patient :) don't just give up, I must be honest, I'm only of like day 2 of the advertising my web page and I'm feeling very discouraged!! LOL, but I am not going to stop I'm going to keep on going!!

Seriously what have you got to lose by paying ONLY a minimal amount of money to advertise YOUR web page and start earning like $90 per person that signs up?? :)

Again if you are skeptical and would like to email me about some information beforehand, email me on (make sure you spell my name Kirsty not Kristy) :)

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