Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Diamond Candles....

FINALLY you are all able to find out what this exciting package I have been waiting for!! The wait has just been insane for me! LOL

Yesterday the package finally arrived while I was working at Kohls though, so I had to wait a terrible 2 1/2 hours to get off working to get home and open that package! When I got home I immediately went to open it and there were two wonderful "smaller" packages inside wrapped in cardboard - these were my DIAMOND CANDLES!!

If you don't know about Diamond Candles yet, they are a relatively new business out of North Carolina. Go onto their website and see the story of how Diamond Candles came about. It's a really sweet story and such a great idea - after learning about them and receiving my candles, I really wish I had thought of this idea myself!! Haha...

The special thing about these candles is that they HAVE A RING IN EVERY CANDLE!! They can be valued from $10, $100, $1000 or $5000. How awesome is that!! So you never know what kind of ring you get until you open the little foil that the ring is wrapped in. Many people do say that if they do not have a marking on them to take it into the jeweler to have it checked out anyway, even if it does have the marking "China" or "Taiwan" etc., some people have taken theirs in and the stone has ended up being worth $100 / $200 etc.

Anyways I ordered two scents from their site - Cupcake and Peacan Pie. I also ordered two scents from Sneakpeeq - Harvest Blend and Pomegranate Lemonade (I'm really looking forward to receiving that one actually). Now, on the Diamond Candles site itself their candles go for $25 each, yes this does sound like A LOT of money, but they are each 21oz candles and everyone that has had them has said they have about 200 HOURS of burn time, which I think is awesome!! Their scents are also AMAZING, they fill up the entire apartment and I love that! People that have houses and have the candles, have said that the candles fill up an entire room, and if it is an open plan room it will fill a few rooms. However, on the Sneakpeeq site you can get a few deals, like 20% off and $5 off if you are new to Sneakpeeq so I used my "coupons" to get two Diamond Candles for $18. But just a warning, I never knew this when I ordered from the site, only when I messaged Diamond Candles on their Facebook page, that if you order from Sneakpeeq it can take up to 3 WEEKS for them to get your order from Sneakpeeq :( so I have been waiting almost 3 weeks now, so hopefully I'll have those two other candles by next week sometime!

I made a video of my first reveal with the Cupcake candle, but I didn't really know what I was doing, so it is kinda a silly video, LOL.... So I decided to burn the Peacan Pie candle and do a better reveal of the ring with that one. But like a complete idiot, I was talking to a camera that wasn't recording, LOL, so I am totally bummed about that it didn't work out, because this video is really stupid sounding, so excuse the way I sound, its the first time I've ever made a video with me talking, hahaha.... Anyways, enjoy the reveal. I joined both the rings at the end!

Here is my video :

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  1. Random, but next time, put the lamp behind the camera.. that way the camera films what the lamp is lighting up, rather than catching the shadows :)Pretty ring!