Thursday, November 15, 2012

Registration For Classes Complete....

Yay! Today was the day for new students to Register for their classes.... 9 am was the start time so I sat on my Laptop at 8:55am so I could get it done, before going off to my nanny job at 9.30am, LOL....

So I am very happy that I have registered for classes, BUT my FAFSA application is still yet to be completed, and I have until December 6th, otherwise I will be dropped from the classes on December 7th :( Ugh!! But I have high hopes that it will be all done by then and the payment will be sorted :) However, I do wish that I was an In-district student - it's SO much more expensive being an Out-of-district student :/ Oh well, maybe a move will have to be in the works for next July.... :D

The Writing part of the COMPASS Test I had to take last week, didn't work in my favor, LOL, (okay it's not that funny, but ya). When I went to go and see a Student Advisor, it turned out that I was only 3 points away from the level I needed to be at to start the College Level courses for my Degree. I did have the option to rewrite the Writing Part by hand or on COMPASS again, but I wouldn't have had the time before registration so I just decided to take the course that would allow me to skip another English course and go straight to College Level courses in Spring/Summer Semester.... So not totally what I was expecting, but hey it is what it is... I was told by people at WCC that a lot of the students get that and have to take an extra course, so that makes me feel a little better!! :)

Math was a different story, I knew I would fail that part of the COMPASS test, because Math has not always been my strong point, and I haven't done Math since I was about 15/16 years old.... So I totally flunked that and so have to start RIGHT at the bottom of the Math Course levels... LOL... But I see that as a great thing for me, because then I will be able to learn it all over again and will be up to the Math standard (sorta, lol).

The courses I will (hopefully) be taking in Winter 2013 are :

Writing Fundamentals (ENG) - I feel so stupid not passing that area - like WTH!!
- (15 weeks)
- Starts January 19th, 2013 and Ends May 4th, 2013
- I'm taking it on a Saturday morning from 9am - 11:55am

Fundamentals of Numeracy (MTH) - Yes, I have to start with 1 + 1 = 2... LOL
- (15 weeks)
- Starts January 15th, 2013 and Ends May 2nd, 2013
- I'm taking it on a Tuesday and Thursday evening from 8pm - 9:55pm

Academic and Career Skills (ACS) - Co-requisite for the Math course 
- (8 weeks)
- Starts January 15th, 2013 and Ends May 2nd, 2013
- I'm taking it on a Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7pm - 7:55pm

Yup so that's a long day on Tuesday and Thursdays, but it's got to be done!

So even though I can't start with my Degree Courses this Winter 2013 Semester, this is a start, and I am happy and excited that I can get a "slow" introduction into USA College ways :)


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