Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Activity....

This week Thanksgiving vacation for schools. Jack has no school the whole week, so when Dylan went down for his morning nap this morning, I quickly had an idea of using the quiet "free" time we both had and make a cute Thanksgiving art project. He loves to do pictures with fish stickers the most, but I find it very repetitive, and yes he does have an AMAZING sense of placing the stickers in the correct places to make his "aquariums", but I thought it would be a ton of fun to hand make a picture out of craft items and his HANDS, put them all together and see a cute Thanksgiving picture come to life with him. He really seemed to enjoy it and couldn't stop smiling when he looked at the finished product.

So what do you get when you use these art items :

1. A Turkey out of hands

2. A Tree with a sky (his cutting and idea of the sky :))

3. A Cute Hand Made Thanksgiving Picture (with additions, lol), but it's not done just yet....

4. NOW the Finished Picture that was meant to be a Thanksgiving Turkey Picture.... (YUP with Jack a Picture just is not a picture without some sort of "Sea / Water Creatures / Animals"... LOL)

He drew the Bird and the Squirrel all on his own and chose and stuck the eyes on all on his own - they were his ideas too - I thought they were FANTASTIC additions!! I thought it was a pretty cute outcome!!

What ya think? :)

P.S. If any Teachers come across this post of mine PLEASE could you comment a link to a post of yours where you have a cool idea for an activity with SEA CREATURES, he loves Clown Fish and all the Sea Life :) thank you in advance!!

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