Sunday, August 5, 2012

Crock Pot Mac 'n Cheese AND 1 Minute Brownie....

I made the most AMAZING Mac 'n Cheese today - it was soooo yummy and cheesy with a hint of spicy HOT!! :)

I got the recipe here. I have been following Budget Savvy Diva on FB for quite some time now, check her out by clicking on "Budget Savvy Diva on FB" in red. I am busy working on putting some of her recipes onto my blog too (the links) as requested by a few people, for you to go and have a look at and try - all YUMMY and the best part FRUGAL recipes!!

She also has a Recipe Book that you can go and pre-order on Amazon, it will only be available in 2013 - worth the wait though - trust me!! Go here to pre-order it!

You've GOT to try it, just too amazing not too :))

I sent her a picture of my Mac 'n Cheese, check it out here.

After eating my delicious bowl of Mac 'n Cheese, I saw she had posted a 1 Minute Brownie Recipe and just had to try it - definitely got my chocolate fix sorted now :)) I added Ice Cream to mine. Here is her recipe though : One Minute Brownie Recipe.


  1. Thank you for the kind words and trying my recipes :)

  2. We use Shelf Reliance food and are consultants for them but it's the food that would be great in this dish. Thanks for posting it.